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FIFA 14 Xbox One Analysis

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Posted on: 12/28/17
Today we get back to an analysis of an classic on our shelves. FIFA 14 could be the 21th edition from the FIFA series from EA Sports and since a curiosity the bingo achieved the feat for being so far the sole game to be sold for consoles three different generations: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 also being possibly the last title that's released for PS2. Anyway, returning to the platform that concerns us. Fifa 14 was announced at E3 with numerous improvements and active utilization of Kinect 2.0 but have appreciated each one of these developments along with the voices in the Manolo Lama and Paco Gonzalez?The new generation of consoles again bring a marked improvement inside visuals of FIFA Mobile Coins

 Although it is not a title that's normally famous for its graphic quality, and rather results in countless hours of fun together with your friends in those games to death, this new edition coincides together with the generation gap and let spot the quality of recent consoles.GraphicsVisually everything looks greater than the previous generation , it's like being a measure closer to the sector. The detail is dealt with some players perfectly, however there will always be others that no person can see the similarities together with the real. On the other hand, details like seeing players starting to heat up on the side and in many cases the graphic detail of fans make game becomes one pretty immersive experience inside world of football .

Another important detail may be the care in the official stadiums which may have a level of detail along with a very careful prior ahead of the game, which is a shame not all stages come in FIFA 14 which is a nice turn to encourage people not skip the pre-game.SoundRegarding the sound , we have been accustomed to FIFA bring us a great audio library in which plunges us in the atmosphere of any game like i was sitting on the bench individuals team. Despite this, the backdrop sound in the steps becomes monotonous since you progress from the game and comments from Manolo Lama and Paco Gonzalez meaningless sometimes.

With Kinect have gotten a much better interaction using the commentators, as basic and vulgar and insulting the referee stuff (despite as being a game we're still looking guilty) can cause a reaction that will range from a reprimand because of the referee with a comment by Manolo Lama reproaching the player's attitude.Finally, most sound files as the hit the ball, the clash of players, tickets etc.. have already been improved over previous versions from the previous generation
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